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Sasha The Artist


Sasha Herbert, popularly known as Sasha The Artist, is the 28-year-old Artrepreneur who envisioned enhancing the often overlooked visual arts industry in St. Kitts & Nevis through much-needed

edu-tainment. In 2017, her vision became a reality.

From that point on, she created special paintings for people and business, painted live at various events for audiences to admire and have displayed and sold pieces at various exhibitions nationally. Her accolades continued when she got the amazing opportunity to represent St. Kitts & Nevis at Carifesta XIV in Trinidad and Tobago at their Across Borders Exhibition for regional artists and at St. Kitts Nevis High Commission Virtual Art Exhibition in 2020. 

Early Artistic Journey and Career Milestones


Art has always been a part of Sasha's life, from creating popsicle stick houses as a youth to crafting realistic acrylic portraits inspired by her island’s vibrant culture.  However, being recognized as one of St. Kitts’ Most Remarkable Teens in Art 2012 was just the beginning of her official career as an artist.

She has created special paintings for individuals and businesses, entered and won several art competitions, showcased her work at national exhibitions, and represented St. Kitts & Nevis at regional and international art exhibitions such as at Carifesta XIV in Trinidad and Tobago at their Across Borders Exhibition and at St. Kitts Nevis High Commission Virtual Art Exhibition in 2020.

Educational Background and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Sasha excelled in visual arts, receiving "Most Outstanding Performance" in CAPE Visual Arts in 2013 & 2014 from Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. At 21 years of age, she launched Paint & Sip with Sasha The Artist, the first paint and sip brand in St. Kitts & Nevis, catering to approximately 500 guests within the first year and earning recognition as one of OECS 30 under 30 entrepreneurs.

Expansion and Community Impact

In 2020, Sasha established Sasha The Artist Art Academy, an after-school program, a result of her fostering her own creativity as a child because her primary school did not offer visual arts classes. Unfortunately, out of the twenty-six public schools nationwide, there was, and still is, no visual arts subjects being provided to cater to our creative children and she wanted our creative children to have an outlet to foster their talent.

In 2020, she adapted not only to combat the stresses brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic but also to provide entertainment at a time when it was most needed. She achieved this by offering a packaged paint and sip experience with pre-recorded classes, providing safe and creative at-home painting experiences - that quickly sold out!

The introduction of a physical studio space and the expansion of services, including paint by number mural activities, has extended Sasha The Artist’s reach. She has catered to both local corporate groups within the private and government sectors, including the SOL Petroleum, Development Bank of St. Kitts & Nevis, Department of Creative Economy, TDC Internal Audit, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Lake Health and Wellbeing, St. Kitts Carnival Committee, Harpers Depot, and numerous others. Additionally, she continues to offer her authentic paint and sip experience, encouraging guests from Park Hyatt St. Kitts and Royal Caribbean’s Explora Journey cruise line to create their very own St. Kitts & Nevis inspired souvenirs. Her international visitors, facilitated through hotel and cruise partners, have hailed from Canada, Florida, Kentucky, Las Vegas, New Jersey, New York, Seattle, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, and Scotland!


Ongoing Commitment to Artistic Innovation

Sasha The Artist's unwavering passion for artistic expression and fostering creativity has brought unique experiences and entertainment to the community, demonstrating her dedication to innovation in the visual arts.


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