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Enhance Your Island Vacation!

Paint your very own souvenir to enhance your island vacation in St. Kitts & Nevis!

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Visitor Experiences

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The Perks

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Historic Location

Events take place at Sasha The Artist Studio that is located on the historic property of the oldest and best example of a Great House on the island.

Souvenir Painting

Choose between 40+ paintings inspired by St. Kitts & Nevis as your next masterpiece!


Taxi Transportation

 Leave the hassle of driving behind. Our inclusive transportation ensures that you can focus on enjoying the experience without worrying about getting to and from our studio.

Interactive Art Installations

We offer permanent art installations designed to provide a selfie- worthy and instagrammable experience! Leave your mark on our studio's mural or take pictures with our oversized art supplies.

Visitor Reviews

"Sasha’s paint and sip at Park Hyatt was so fun! Highly recommend as an activity and a keepsake! She provides all of the materials needed, lets you choose which painting of hers you’d like to do out of numerous fun ones, the hotel provides the wine of your choice, and then Sasha provides detailed step by step how to paint since we are beginners. She also incorporated fun St. Kitts trivia as well. Thanks for the great time, Sasha!"


Sasha The Artist Studio has welcomed visitors from various locations such as from Canada, Florida, Kentucky, Las Vegas, New Jersey, New York, Seattle, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, and Scotland!

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Leave your Mark!
A Mural Painting Experience

 This unique and engaging activity allows corporate groups to contribute to a communal artwork, leaving a lasting impression on the island and taking home unforgettable memories!

Sponsor a wall as a group and be guided to paint together through our easy paint-by-number experience. Get to connect with locals through the shared experience of collaborative art and "leave your mark" with your company's logo.

Price varies per wall size.

Let's have a discussion!

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Paint & Sip Experience

 Engage in a one-of-a-kind experience, while creating your very own souvenir - a painting inspired by the beauty of our beloved Federation.


Guided Art Instruction

1.5 hour Event Duration

Round-Trip Taxi Transportation

All Painting Materials

Beverage (Optional)

Historical and Artistic Location

Studio Mural Contribution

Art Installation Photo Ops 

Souvenir painting for keeps!

US $80 per person

Four (4) guests or US $320 minimum required for experience.

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DIY Paint Kits

Leaving soon? Select one of the many designs we have created inspired by our land of beauty St. Kitts and Nevis to paint your very own souvenir on the beach, on the ship, in your room or back at home using our DIY Paint Kits! 

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What Is Included?

  • (1) 9in x 12in or 5in x 7in Canvas with a design of your choice

  • (1) Paint Brush

  • (1) Sasha The Artist Paint Water Cup

  • (1) Paper Palette

  • (6 )Pack Paint Set of Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Green, Black and White Paint.

  • (1) Reference Painting Paper Copy

Our Paintings Gallery

Look at what you can create with Sasha The Artist! Our original designs are created with St. Kitts & Nevis in mind. Be guided to paint a selection from our gallery or paint on their own with a pre-designed canvas with our DIY Paint Kits.